Over the years, we’ve recognized a few things that have made us want to improve. One of these realizations came when watching a number of our athletes work through the 8-week body composition program multiple times in a row – not because they had a lot more fat to lose, but instead because they either wanted to get fitter, continue with their teammates, or simply maintain the changes they’d achieved during Fat Club.

While it was an amazing honor to have such a loyal team, it made us want to do better.

FC has been such a change in my life. I think about this a lot - why now? Why after years of workouts and gym and hiking and yoga and biking is this different... and working?! Thank you for this gift that will be with me for the rest of my life.

If someone is going to train at FC Vitality, we believe they deserve to get both the very best training available and the most efficient results possible. In order to offer this, we realized we needed to add programs for our alumni – programs that provided customization to allow individuals to train with various focuses (endurance, continued body composition improvement, or strength, for example), while still providing the atmosphere FC Vitality has become known for.

Just as with Fat Club, each morning our alumni meet together to train through either a resistance or metabolic focused workout, and have the option to customize our meal program to match their specific goals. Led by our team of certified coaches, FC Alumni is designed to guide each individual to absolute success– whether it’s preparing for a big race or building some new lean muscle. Not always easy. Rarely comfortable - But absolutely worth it.

Dude, I’m going shopping to buy some new pants and belts right now. Thanks to you I went from a 38” to a 34” waist!

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