Fight Club

What happens when you take a world-renown mixed martial artist and ask him to design an 8-week program solely focused on equipping a group of total beginners with the most important self-defense skills possible? How competent could an individual become in such a short period of time? We wanted to find out.

Sean Apperson, owner of Paragon Academy and head coach of Fight Club, carefully constructed a highly specialized curriculum that includes grappling, escaping, striking and a number of unique real-world techniques to offer each participant a solid foundational understanding of self-defense. But it didn’t stop there. Sean and his team recognized that while knowledge is a good thing, it alone won’t transfer well into our daily lives unless mastered under more stressful, realistic conditions. Simply put, some responses need to become instinctive. For this reason, each participant does not just learn each skill, but is coached and tested in scenarios that force each one to perform under heightened levels of stress. In working through this process, every participant comes out the other side with an unparalleled working knowledge of self-defense and fight mechanics.

Its only been 4-weeks and I already find myself walking around with more confidence, knowing that if anything were to happen I have a set of skills that I can use to keep both those around me and myself safe! Thank you for everything you guys do.

In a pursuit for a life of true vitality, we realize that occasionally some fears and apprehensions must be met head on. We also realize that doing so doesn’t always happen on our own. For this reason, we work through the adventure as a group, both failing and succeeding together until we finish the program with a level of self-confidence that few ever get to experience. We recognize the value in the ability to handle our bodies well and know that in any situation we have the ability to keep both our loved ones and ourselves safe.

“I love this! I can already feel the new routine pushing me up in the other areas of my life that needed a little zing and I am stoked on it. Thank you so much for brining this into my life!!!”

Whether you’re looking for a boost in self-confidence, want to learn self-defense as rapidly as possible or are simply looking for a challenge unlike any other, Fight Club exists to help you become more of the person you were meant to be.

“It’s amazing to watch yourself progress. One day you’re drilling a unique movement that doesn’t totally make sense, only to discover the following day that you’re suddenly applying it in a live setting and successfully controlling your opponent. This really works!”

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