Race Prep

We started this program in 2017 with a group who was looking to knock down one of the most challenging half marathons in the United States – Pier to Peak. Our group was comprised of men and women across a range of skill levels from first time runners looking to complete the course to more experienced athletes searching for a bigger challenge. And the result? Of the 13 participants on our team, 3 found their way to the podium in their respective age groups and every single athlete completed the course!

While the race was an experience we’ll never forget, we discovered that some of the fondest memories were made in training together - meeting early weekend mornings for team runs together in the Santa Barbara foothills. And now we’ve expanded this program to include training for not just Pier to Peak, but a number of different events ranging from local races along our coast all the way to the Delicious Trail Dolomiti in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

No part of that was easy. But there was also no way I could have accomplished what I just did if it weren’t for you. Thank you for putting so much care into getting us to the top – and fast!

The program itself is unique in that it falls right in line with the great quote about how to train for a race: “You want to run as few miles as possible and still win.” Quality over quantity is our focus, and this approach has been shown time and time again to produce the greatest results while minimizing both wear and tear on the body and risk of injury.

Included in each program is your entry fee into the race, a weekly, customized training schedule, team runs, and some race gear unique to the specific event. Nothing sweeter than crossing the finish line as part of a team, knowing you did everything in your power to achieve the result!

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